Tips to survive the move to London

Apologies for not doing a blog for so long. I want to make sure I’m doing content that’s true to myself and I haven’t been feeling massively inspired recently, alongside being really busy in my personal and professional life!  I thought I’d write a little blog about things I wish I’d knew when I first came to London or tips that really helped me settle in well. I’m well aware moving here isn’t for everyone, it can be overwhelming and it doesn’t always work out, but for me personally I love living here every day. I’ve created a life here and really think moving here with my best friend totally impacted my experience for the best. We still live together and have a positive friendship, supported by the fact we aren’t always in each other’s pockets and spend time working away/going to see our families, so it just works!  So, here you are;  CONNECT WITH PEOPLE YOU KNOW OR HAVE MUTUAL FRIENDS WITH WHO LIVE HERE It’s likely they also are up for hanging out and getting to

You're JUST a nanny?

"So what do you do all day, play with paints?", "Do rich people just get you to look after their kids?", "You must just get to chill all day?", "Are the children really spoilt?", "Are you a nanny just whilst you finish school?" NO. NO. NO. NO and NO. Honestly, the amount of times I hear these questions drives me insane. People assume i'm uneducated (I am when it comes to animals and their habitats SORRY), a little bit simple and just sit on the floor all day whilst my nanny children swan delightfully around me, playing independently whilst occasionally asking for some water. This is not true. Is there any other job you would ask someone these questions about it?! I spend time thinking about how to extend a child's learning, what they really engage with, how to widen their interest into new activities and improve their concentration, all the whilst ensuring they are constantly learning in their own way. I also rarely sit

The nannying basics & rules I live by

So for this post, I thought I'd write the rules I live by as a nanny. Having spent a lot of my time observing others nannying, parenting or being early years professionals, I have formed a clear idea of how I wish to conduct myself. Here goes..... 1. Never be a lazy nanny.. In childcare, I feel someone has to really love it to be a good nanny. If you don't, its probably not right for you. My worst fear would be to employ a nanny for my own child or send them to nursery, and them being in an environment where the was no genuine interest in them or care given and staff not motivated to reinforce positive behaviour. I love seeing people that are awesome childcarers and really know what they’re doing! This isn't to say you can't have a moment to yourself, check your phone, have a cup of tea or pop to the post office to send a parcel if you need to (not forgetting to take said child with you). Its just about knowing those boundaries and ensuring the child you are working

#1 - How it all began....

My first season - South of France So for a while now I've been thinking about starting a blog about my nanny life. I often find myself really interested in parenting blogs or childcare professionals' blogs talking about their journeys, that include funny stories or quick tips that actually help me to form my opinions and develop myself both personally and professionally. I have absolutely no idea how interesting this will be for anyone but thought it was worth giving it a go. Before I start, I just want to let you know that although the Instagram page is run by two of us, this blog is only by me (J), although some artwork or pictures may be done by Z. I am 28, female and have worked in childcare full time for 6 years. All views are my own! I've actually always known I wanted to work with children. I am the youngest of four and was always obsessed with babies. All my small world play revolved around anything childcare related, being a 'mummy' or a classic hou